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2019 WBFF Aust Pro Show Tickets

Presented by: Rig Fit Activewear

It’s hard to miss them on the web. The racy shots of fit, beautiful, hard bodies rocking wild costumes that would look at home in New Orleans during Mardi Gras, in Rio during Carnival or even on the Victoria’s Secret runway.

The WBFF is short for World Beauty Fitness and Fashion. Our athletes have the muscle and definition of ripped fitness models, but the theatricality, pounding music and wild style of this competition make it clear that this isn’t a traditional fitness show. The male competitors look different too. Sure, they’re muscular and cut, but even the largest of them has lean lines and proportionality which is more appealing to the main stream market. In both female and male categories, it’s about more than just their bodies. The main goal of the athletes isn't to be the biggest or most muscular on stage. The WBFF has different aims. We are looking for people who are marketable to fitness magazines, photographers, international companies, and modelling agencies. The body is vital, but looks are just as important. It is about style, beauty, marketability and stage presence.

With over 40 sold out shows in over 15 countries, the WBFF is taking the fitness world by storm by appealing to the mass mainstream market.

Running Times:
Times are approx. and subject to change at any time.

First Session
Morning Show - Preliminary Judging
Doors Open: 9.50am
Main Artist: 2.30pm

Second Session
Evening Show - Finals
Doors Open: 4.50pm
Main Artist: 10pm

Tour Dates:
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Sat 12 Oct

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Tickets & Event Info

The Star Gold Coast, QLD

Sat 12 Oct 2019 10:00AM

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