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101 Piano Concert & Graduation Tickets

101 Piano Concert & Graduation
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Presented by: The One Smart Piano

The One Smart Piano 101 Concert and Graduation ceremony is not only an opportunity for students to show what they’ve learnt, but also to show how The One Smart Piano can bring the generations together.

To most people, learning piano is not just a hobby, but a way to accomplish more. Without stress, nervs and pressure, learning piano becomes a process in which to gain happy and positive memories for both parents and children.

The One Smart Piano is a technology along with the program makes it so much easier to learn piano. It brings joy to families and has a wonderful effect on the family’s ability to play together.

This concert is a key, for young children, parents and grandparents can play alongside each other. It’s all about enjoying the music together.

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Mon 7 Oct

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Tickets & Event Info

NIDA Parade Theatre, NSW

Mon 07 Oct 2019 4:00PM

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