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Becoming Bill Tickets

Presented by: Old Fashioned Productions in partnership with Brisbane Powerhouse

An award-winning new musical, featuring Rachael Beck, leading lady of Australian stage and screen.
The story of single mum Jane and her two twenty-something boys. Or should that be men? No, boys. Still it’s a normal enough life, not perfect and she’s getting through … until son number one, Bill, decides to write a musical - about his family!

Bill’s doing OK. He’s got his own flat, a job and an on-again-off-again girlfriend. But he also has a brother who called in to play video games three months ago and hasn’t left. Mum just can’t quite find the balance between letting go and helping out.

Becoming Bill is a heart-warming and comical look at the quirks and struggles of this perfectly normal but yet slightly off-beat family - an award-winning new musical that everyone will fall in love with.

Running Times:
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Brisbane Powerhouse
(07) 3358 8600
Mon-Fri 9am-5pm
Sat 12pm-4pm &
60mins prior to ticketed events
Doors Open: 15mins prior to Act 1
Act One: 90 mins

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Wed 14 - Sun 25 Aug

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Recommended for all ages
Free Age: Under 12 months on the knee

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