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Ali Zand Vakili Tickets

Ali Zand Vakili
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Ali Zand Vakili is known as one of the greatest emerging vocalist in Iran, and was named as the best Vocalist by Legendary Singer EBI.

He completed an Iranian Musical Instrument degree in Shiraz and Tehran, followed by receiving two honoured rewards in field Santur Player in 2009 and 2010.

Ali Zand Vakili has great musical experience, being part of the Tehran Symphony Orchestra and Iran National Orchestra. He also become part of many Iranian Traditional Music Groups such as Naghmeh Kimia, Golbang, Khamoush, Avay-e Fakhteh, Tolou, Chang String Orchestra, Bahman Art and Culture House; Dang Show and Darkoob Music fusion bands. From this he has gained his reputation as one of Iran’s most talented musicians.

Not only is he musically talented, but he also features in various TV series, which showcase his acting skills, such as: " Dozd-o Polis", " Pejman", " Nafas-e Garm", Zir-e Pay-e Madar", " Bar Sar-e Dorahi", "Shahgoush", " Khiaban-e Iran", "Khab Zadeh".

Since Ali Zande Vakili’s rise and success as a vocalist, his beautiful voice has touched many hearts.

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Sun 29 Sep

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The Concourse, Chatswood, NSW

Sun 29 Sep 2019 7:45PM

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